Monday, June 1, 2009

Hat Layering

I just want to claim copyright for the layering hat trends, so if you see it sometime, think hey I knew the girl who started it. Today is June 1st, 09. 10.05 EST. 

I'm putting a picture too:D

- Lucia


  1. That seems pretty selfish. Others probably have the same idea and claiming it as your own is stupid. No one is going to write on their page

    "Hey look at my hat design, it isn't my idea, its Igap's, so don't say i made it! I am uncreative!"

  2. Cool, plz take a look at my blog and maybe even follow it (:


  3. WTF, just wanted to be acknowledged by something, bitch.
    I'm not saying that no one else can come up with it or use it. They can say they came up with it for what I care.
    Stupid, stupid to come up and fuss over it, Doinky (lmao!)

  4. You just corrected yourself! Saying that you want to be acknowledged and then saying you don't care if people claim it as your own. No one cares, it's that original anyways. Do you think people "acknoledged" Isabelle.Arci when she made the layering of several dresses trend? Uh, no. Chillax girl and realize you aren't the only creative person on Stardoll!