Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Click

Hello my fellow Stardollians. As you can see this blog is about the click, no I didn't mean clique. The click is a movement I'm starting, to make Stardoll (staff & members) make the click in their minds. The click that'll make everyone see what Stardoll has become.
Almost three years ago, when I joined Stardoll, everything was different, very different. There was no Starplaza, it was just The Shop, and the clothes were fairly pretty, nothing to great really. Then the HBs came along, they were really pretty, and they were better than the normal clothes. They weren't expensive either. Then you had your suite, barely any furniture, one room, and pretty much it. MeDolls where the same as they are today, but if I remember correctly they were your Star Avatar and later changed to MeDoll. We didn't have makeup, and barely any accesories. Being SS was optional, you could just by stardollars, or buy the SS membership. And usually every month when a person bought SS membership, they got a free accesory, and every month there was a different gift. Then there was the friends part, people didn't tell their name all the time, they were known by their username, of course, people that time didn't backstab, scam, or anything like that. They were just people who by chance discovered Stardoll, and were just there for the dolls. You couldn't sell stuff, for there was no StarBazaar. You could get hacked, with scams, like give me your pass and you'll get 2000 Stardollars, or go to this page, and write your username and password and you'll get n number of stardollars. Some people fell for that stuff, but it was a big as it got. 
Now, three years after stardoll's beginning, here we are. Scamming, backstabbing, hacked by ''italian mafia'', etc. This is what Stardoll has come to, super expensive items, signs for 30 Stardollars, windows for 20. Now Stardoll doesn't care about us members, they just care about having money to pay their staff, who, may I say, doesn't do a really good work.  For what before you paid 5 dollars a month and got lots of stuff, now you pay the same price for much less. 
Is this the stardoll we want? I know I don't.  Let's have stardoll make the click, make it better for everyone.

With love,


  1. Very insparational speech :P I think thats how most people think, I love the fact we can sell clothes and furniture but i dont like the high prices and the fact its made people even more crazy wanting clothes and going to extreme leghts to get a few pixels. I dont think these pixles are worth making REAL people unhappy, the hacking is getting silly and the one thing that would make it a million times better, -making a safe trade center- is the one thing stardoll wont do :S x

  2. Wonderful words! I`m member of may 2009, but older members told me how it was on stardoll in the beginning;) lipgloss_bab91: I think stardoll dont want a safe trade center, cause they got money from us..if we pay 2000 sd for a lottery dress oder 5000 for a Paulina RC they get like 100$ for only one dress! And then people complain about LE...but pay 1000 for a bag...yes how weired is that? I think lE was one activity of stardoll to bring out a rare collection without scamming, cause we cant sell these items. I believe somtimes stardoll will close his doors because of so many unhappy people which are leaving this site! Thats sad cause it can be a cool site;((
    Sorry for my english;))

  3. It's nice to find people who think like me :)

  4. I've been a member since september 2007 and yes, a lot has happenedin that time. I discovered stardoll by chance. My mother cut out an article about stardoll from a newspaper and said I should check it out. Half a year later I did. I liked dressing up the dolls so much, I decided to become a member.
    I used to be ss but then a)I can't buy ss using sms in my country anymore and b)I don't want to waste all my pocket money on stardoll(which I have done in the past).
    being non-ss stinks, you can't buy anything. I don't go on stardoll very often anymore. It's such a shame. Stardoll could be a really cool site.

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